Do Breast Lifts Decrease the Breast Size?

  Breast lifts have a little mystery surrounding them. The goal of a breast lift is to raise the breasts back to a position higher on the chest, the position formerly held before sagging took over. But because a breast lift usually involves removing some of that sagging skin, there is a perception that the […]

Don’t Forget Your Neck

Everyone worries about the signs of aging that keep expanding on the face. But they often overlook the area just below the chin. This can leave a person with a younger looking face, but immediately below on full display is sagging skin and neck banding. Considering the weather we love here in Coastal Carolina, there […]

Why Does the Face Show Time?

While gaining life experience has its pluses, the rest of aging stinks. It’s been said, “Time conquers all.” This is certainly true of our skin, particularly on our face. Much of Dr. Smith’s practice is devoted to procedures that try to stem the march of time, at least for a little while. The face and […]

Getting the Nose You Want

Some things about our appearance that we don’t like we can’t do much about. If you’re shorter than you’d like to be, higher heels are about all you can do. Of, if you think your feet are too big. Not much to do about that, either. But you don’t have to live with a nose […]

When to Tuck a Tuck Into Your Schedule

Some people don’t understand the difference between a tummy and liposuction.  They wonder why anyone would opt for the more involved procedure and recovery of a tummy tuck when they could get the same results with liposuction. Not exactly. There’s a big difference between the two procedures; it comes down to fat pockets versus loose […]

Some Typical Liposuction Questions and Answers

Each year, liposuction is among the top two or three cosmetic surgeries performed in the U.S. The reasons behind this increase aren’t a mystery — they’re tied to the increase in the collective American waistline. And when we put on a few extra pounds (maybe from a little too much BBQ and pecan pie) it […]

Do Breast Lifts Downsize the Breasts, too?

If you follow this industry, you’ve heard the rumors — a breast lift decreases breast size. Because a breast lift usually removes some excess stretched skin, it’s easy to assume that the procedure could make the breasts actually a little smaller, in addition to moving their position higher on the chest. Since breast lifts are […]

What Was 2015’s Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery in the U.S.?

The aesthetic industry is always changing with the times, and the 2015 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reflect that. The types of procedures that Americans are having are shifting with an accent on lifts of various areas of the body, particularly the backside. Plus, for the first time the king of all […]

Will a Breast Lift Also Downsize Your Breasts?

A breast lift is intended to “lift” the breasts, returning them to a higher position on the chest, a position they occupied before pregnancy, breastfeeding, and simple aging got in the way. There is a perception that a breast lift can also make the breasts actually smaller, not just higher. The thinking is that a […]

Augmentation Just Keeps Augmenting in 2015

Cosmetic procedures have become such a part of regular life that people may not know that in the 60s, 70s, and 80s people having “a little something done” basically kept that news to themselves, afraid of the stigma attached to having plastic surgery. Non-surgically, fillers and procedures such as laser resurfacing had not been approved […]

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