Take A Decade Off of Your Face

So, you want to take 10 or 15 years off your face. You’ve tried anti-aging creams. You’ve tried facials. You’ve tried meditation. You haven’t been out in the sun without sunscreen ever. Yet your skin still sags. Your jawline becomes droopy. Deep creases run from your nose down to your mouth. Could be time to […]

Three Methods to Breast Reduction

Women saddled with overly large breasts can feel they are carrying a daily burden, literally. Breasts that are out of proportion with a woman’s body can lead to back and neck pain, breathing issues, rubbing and irritation, and can seriously impact self-esteem. Patients come to Dr. Smith to remedy the situation with breast reduction. There […]

Some Wrinkles You Can Stop, Others Not So Much

Some people think that if they only lived in a cave like Gollum their skin would never age. The Ponce de Leon theory, without the fountain. While it would be true that some of your skin’s aging would not occur with that lifestyle, even Gollum would age. This is because there are two types of […]

Do You Know the Causes of Your Facial Aging?

Time conquers all, or so the saying goes. And the skin on your face is an unfortunate victim. No matter how much you watch what you eat, exercise, and generally try to take care of yourself, you’ll obviously still age. Fortunately, the signs of aging, while unstoppable, can be delayed or their appearance lessened. Here […]

Taking A Decade Off Your Face with Eyelid Surgery

The eyes have a starring role on your face. Most people say the eyes are the first thing they notice when meeting a new person. Unfortunately, the skin around the eyes is some of the thinnest skin on the entire human frame. Because of this it is also the first to show signs of aging. […]

Enough is Enough — Breast Reduction

It may seem counter-intuitive in this day and age that a woman with large breasts would seek to have them reduced in size. But there are many women who for health reasons, or simply because they are sick and tired of the attention their overly large breasts bring, opt to have breast reduction surgery with […]

Fat is Stubborn Like Your Mother-in-Law

Some things are simply stubborn by nature — a two-year-old, your cat, crabgrass, your boss, your mother-in-law, and pockets of fat. On that last one, no matter how much you exercise or how extreme your changes in diet there are pockets of fat on certain areas of your body that are ultimately stubborn. They refuse […]

Don’t Lift That Barge, Lift Those Breasts

Gravity is a cruel master of all, constantly pulling downward. While it keeps us from flying off into space, its constant tug isn’t kind to a woman’s breasts. Throw in decreasing skin elasticity, weight gain and loss, pregnancy, and breastfeeding and the result is drooping, sagging breasts that have lost their firmness. Looking in the […]

Full Tummy Tuck or Mini?

For women with loose abdominal skin resulting from either pregnancy or the gain and loss of an extensive amount of weight, a tummy tuck can give them back a firmer, contoured abdomen. A tummy tuck not only targets the abdomen, but also takes care of love handle or muffin tops. The procedure can be very […]

Don’t Have Lips Like Angelina? No Worries.

When you go to a movie and see the luscious lips of stars such as Angelina Jolie, most of us get home, look in the mirror, and can relate. Some of us are born with thin lips. Others lose fullness as they get older.   But plump, full, shapely lips don’t have to be something […]

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