Breast Reduction Surgery Options

Having large breasts can lead to a number of problems, like back pain, poor posture, and breathing problems, among others. Women who are suffering from these problems can benefit from breast reduction surgery. The results of the surgery will, apart from providing you some relief with problems that come with large breasts, give you a contour that you will be pleased with. Before the surgery, you will have a consultation with your doctor during which you will discuss your expectations, and you will be informed of the exact procedure that will be employed; the procedure will vary from patient to patient and will be customized for your needs.

Surgical Approaches to Breast Reduction

During the surgery, you will be under the influence of general anesthesia. The time required for the procedure will vary from case to case; in general, it takes between two and four hours. There are three main approaches to breast reduction surgery:

  • The traditional approach: For women having very large breasts, the traditional approach is recommended, although it results in more scarring. In this approach, anchor-shaped incisions will be made. Tissue, fat, and skin from your lower breast may be removed too. In addition, your areolas and nipples will be repositioned if necessary.
  • Vertical incision approach: This approach is also called short-scar surgery. Lollipop-shaped incisions will be made that go around your areolas and move down your breast crease. For women with moderately large sized breasts, this approach is recommended as it gives better shape and results in lesser scarring than the traditional approach. This kind of surgery is for those women who do not require removal of a lot of tissue material.
  • Scarless approach: This is like liposuction for your breasts and used when only fat has to be removed. Generally, this is for men with enlarged breasts. Scarring, if any, will be barely noticeable.

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