7 Surprising Facts About Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty, more commonly known as eyelid surgery, is becoming more and more popular among plastic surgery patients looking to refresh their appearance. While knowledge of this type of surgery is becoming increasingly common, here are some lesser-known facts about this procedure.

  1. Blepharoplasty isn’t just cosmetic. While eyelid surgery is very successful in tightening loose, sagging skin and removing excess fat from the eye area, it can also have a practical application. An upper blepharoplasty can lift and tighten eyelid skin that droops down and obstructs the visual field. By eliminating the overhanging skin, this procedure greatly improves peripheral vision.
  2. It is the second most popular facial plastic surgery procedure. Just behind rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery remains among the top cosmetic surgeries in the country. In 2013, there were more than 215,000 eyelid surgeries performed in the United States, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. That number was up 6 percent from the year before.
  3. Incisions are camouflaged. During the procedure, Dr. Smith makes incisions in the natural creases of the eyelid skin and sometimes in the lid itself, so that scars are concealed. The incision is hidden in the crease of the eyelid in an upper blepharoplasty, and below the lashes in a lower blepharoplasty. Over time, the scars will fade and usually become almost indiscernible.
  4. Upper and lower lid surgery can be performed at the same time. Though not every patient is in need of both procedures, they can be combined in necessary cases. Dr. Smith will carefully evaluates several facial factors of each patient during the consultation process, and makes an appropriate recommendation based on that examination.
  5. It’s not just for women. While women largely outnumber when when it comes to plastic surgery procedures, more than 28,000 men opted to undergo blepharoplasty in 2013.
  6. Results will continue to improve for a year following surgery. While results will be visible immediately following eyelid surgery, most cases take up to a year to achieve the final appearance as the skin, muscle and surrounding tissues settle into place. While the final results do require patience, the improvements in appearance are often long-lasting.
  7. In most cases, the procedure is performed using local anesthesia. Depending on the specifics of the procedure, it usually is performed in 45 minutes to two hours, with local anesthesia combined with sedation. Patients who are uneasy about the procedure or suffer from nervousness or anxiety may choose to undergo surgery while under general anesthesia.

Blepharoplasty in Okatie

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