What Can I Expect after a Lip Augmentation Procedure?

If you think that larger, fuller lips would be a great way to enhance your appearance, a lip augmentation might be right for you. In this cosmetic procedure, doctors use surgery or injections to increase the size of your lips. You can have your upper or lower lip or both enhanced.

Does lip augmentation sound like a procedure you want to have? If so, an important area of interest for prospective patients is recovery after the procedure and what to expect with your enhanced lips. It’s a pretty simple recovery, but you’ll want to follow your doctor’s instructions to get the best results and avoid complications.

Here’s what you can expect immediately following lip augmentation:

  • Your lips might be a little sore and swollen for a few days. Remember that the extra swelling should go down, so don’t worry if you’re lips are at first a little fuller than you wanted. They’ll lose this extra volume soon.
  • You don’t have to plan on a lot of downtime. You can probably get back to work and most normal activities as soon as a day or two after the procedure. Something you do need to avoid for several days, however, is exercise and other strenuous activity. The type of lip augmentation you receive will affect your recovery time, so make sure to discuss this with your doctor as you consider options for enhancement.
  • You may need additional treatments. The length of time your lip augmentation lasts will depend on the type of material used. In some cases, the material will breakdown over time and you’ll need follow-up treatment.
  • Complications with the generally very safe procedure are rare, but know that they can happen. These risks bleeding, infection, asymmetry, numbness, nerve damage, swelling and scarring.

Are you ready for fuller lips? Contact us to learn more about lip augmentation!


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