Tighten Up That Neck and Chin

People focus on the face when they think of addressing their visible signs of aging. Dr. Smith performs facelifts, eyelid surgeries, brow lifts, and nose surgeries. But, what of the neck? Since the neck muscles and skin don’t have a bone under them to at least lie on, our necks can be the first area to really start sagging and showing signs of aging. Gravity really has its way with our necks.

Facelift procedures usually include some degree of neck rejuvenation, but often a neck lift needs to be a separate focus for the best results. After all, what good is a rejuvenated face or brow if your neck looks 15 years older?

Dr. Smith can perform a neck lift to fix the problem.

What are the benefits of a neck lift?

A neck lift targets both the neck and the jowls. Here’s what this procedure can do for you:

  • Reduces excess skin, fat, and muscle banding on the neck
  • Enhances the angle between the horizontal and vertical parts of the neck
  • Removes folds of skin and fat
  • Reduces facial jowls and cheek hollowness
  • Eliminates the dreaded turkey “wattle”

Different techniques

The neck lift includes both a cervicoplasty to remove excess, sagging skin and a platysmaplasty to remove or alter the muscles in the neck. These create neck banding. The most common technique involves making incisions around the bottom of the ears, extending into the hairline. Another incision is usually made below the chin. The skin and muscle tissue is then lifted upward and outward in the neck and lower cheeks. Excess skin is removed.

Patients with more excess fat, but good skin tone, usually have a double chin. In these cases, Dr. Smith may be able to use liposuction alone. This results in nearly invisible mini scars.

Neck lifts take from two to three hours. They are usually outpatient procedures.

Interested in regaining some youth in the lower face and neck? Call Dr. Smith at (843) 705-8940 to schedule a consultation for a neck lift.


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