Let’s Straighten Out a Few Plastic Surgery Myths

There used to be lots of mystery and half-truths surrounding plastic surgery. People would whisper, “I think Mrs. B had some work done.” No one really knew for sure. And many of the procedures were accompanied by false information.

Today, Kim Kardashian brags about her latest procedure on Twitter. And Time Magazine runs a cover story asking the question, “When, not if, you’re going to have something done.” Things have definitely changed.

But there are still certain myths surrounding plastic surgery. Take, for instance, the basic term “plastic” in plastic surgery. Generally, the thought is that the meaning is tied to the modern meaning of the word plastic, which is an artificial material that doesn’t occur naturally. They assume this relates to fake, artificial results that people seek from plastic surgery. In reality, the word plastic in plastic surgery comes from the Greek work meaning “to mold.” Perception vs. reality is quite different there, eh?

At Smith Plastic Surgery, we like educated patients. So, let’s debunk a few of these myths together.

Breast augmentation is one and done
Not likely. Breast implants, like anything that is manufactured, have a lifespan. Implants usually last around 10 to 15 years. Also, as the person with implants ages, her breasts will still droop with that aging. The combination means that most women will need at least two implant surgeries in their lives, and later replacement surgeries may also need to be combined with a breast lift.

Plastic surgery doesn’t leave scars
Puhleeze. Any time a scalpel makes a cut in human tissue, the result of the incision will leave a scar. Scars fade with time, and talented plastic surgeons such as Dr. Smith minimize the visibility of scars by placing the incisions in inconspicuous spots.

Liposuction is for weight loss
Nope. Liposuction is meant to remove pockets of fat that don’t respond to exercise or diet changes. Things like love handles. Removing too much fat in a single procedure is dangerous. Dr. Smith will not perform liposuction on patients that are over 10% above their ideal weight.

Fat cannot reappear in other areas after liposuction
While it is true that fat removed by liposuction in an area is permanently gone from that area, that doesn’t mean you can’t build new fat pockets in an adjacent area, if you make Twinkies a part of your daily life. But if you exercise and eat somewhat sensibly, your liposuction will keep looking great.

Sunshine is verboten after surgery
Not true. Exposure to the sun can delay your healing, to a degree, and it can make your scars redden. But, as long as you wear sunscreen, you don’t have to act like a vampire cowering from the light.

At Smith, we want our patients to be knowledgeable about possible procedures. Use our website for information, or call us at 843-705-8940 and ask us your questions.


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