A Different Implant from the Usual

We have more and more patients at our Okatie practice who want to want a curvier figure through breast augmentation, but the idea of putting silicone gel in their breasts makes them uneasy.

They’ve heard that silicone implants provide a more natural feel and that they have far fewer problems with rippling. But they’re concerned about what is called “silent rupture.”

That’s the term for an unknown rupture of a silicone implant. In most cases, the woman doesn’t know if a silicone implant has ruptured, as today’s more cohesive silicone gel usually stays within the implant.

But there is another way. There’s another type of implant available that you probably haven’t heard of. It’s known as the Ideal Implant. These implants are made with a unique method that gives them a natural feel and youthful look, without using silicone gel. Ideal Implants have undergone 10 years of development, testing, and refinement and were approved by FDA in 2014.

Dr. Smith is a believer in these implants, so he wants his patients to know about them.

Saline that doesn’t feel like saline

From the onset, Ideal Implants were to provide an alternative to silicone. But the goal was to include much of what women liked about silicone implants, or at least as much as could be included despite being filled with saline.

Design is the key. A series of implant shells are nested together, and two separate chambers hold the saline solution. The unique internal structure controls movement of the saline for a more natural feel, while reducing folding and wrinkles, which is thought to be the main cause of saline implant rupture and deflation. On the outside of these implants the edges have been lowered for a more natural contouring to the chest wall.

Robotics provide manufacturing consistency

The design is what sets these implants apart from either traditional saline or silicone implants. Ideal Implants don’t contain any silicone gel. Their nested shells that create the two separate chambers are made from medical-grade silicone. The manufacturing process is also different, as these implants are made using advanced robotics to achieve greater product consistency.

The advantages of the Ideal Implant

Dr. Smith feels Ideal Implants present his patients with some advantages worth noting:

  • Youthful shape and natural feel
  • Filled with saline that is safely absorbed by the body if rupture occurs
  • No sticky silicone gel from ruptured implants in surrounding tissues
  • No silent rupture — you’ll know if your implants are intact
  • Lower rupture rate and higher rupture strength
  • Requires a smaller incision than silicone gel implants
  • No costly MRIs needed to detect silicone gel rupture
  • Smooth surface

If you’re considering having breast augmentation for the New Year, you should include the Ideal Implant in your research. If you want to do some research on your own, click the Ideal website, or call Dr. Smith at (843) 823-6913 to schedule a consultation.


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