Will Breast Implants Affect My Workouts?

breast implants Cosmetic surgeries are meant to aid and even bolster your lifestyle both currently and aspirationally. However, many people thinking about cosmetic surgery or, specifically, breast augmentation surgery wonder how they will be affected after the surgery especially when it concerns their lifestyle around health. It’s expected and necessary to undergo the initial rest and recovery period to ensure the body has time to heal, but what about after that? If you’re wondering about how you will be affected after breast implants then keep reading!

You Have To Start Slow!

Like with any procedure, there will be downtime that is vital for proper recovery. This is even more important with breast augmentation as unnecessary or strenuous movement may impact the shape, health, and longevity of your implants! Though you can start moving around (within reason) almost right away, in fact it is even encouraged for recovery, you shouldn’t expect or insist on jumping right back into your workouts! The quicker you stop the recovery process, the longer you may be prolonging your recovery!

When Can I Return To Exercise? 

As mentioned before, low intensity exercise and movement is encouraged, even from the beginning; however intense exercise should be abstained from until a full recovery has been made. In most cases, you can expect to return to all exercise modes, such as heavy cardio or lifting, within six weeks.

It is best to consult with your doctor before resuming heavy exercise however. And, if you experience discomfort or especially pain then you should go back to consulting with your doctor. Remember, don’t let a few weeks away from the gym or exercise turn into a few months! After cosmetic surgery, ensure recovery!

Where Can I Get Trusted Breast Augmentation In South Carolina? 

If you’re looking for care, patience, and support, look no further, if you’re in the Okatie area, than Smith Plastic Surgery! We’ll conduct a thorough consultation with a trusted expert to determine your goals, and most importantly, your current lifestyle and your lifestyle ideals to give you the best understanding of your options and what the whole timeline will look like. Give us a call at 843-823-6913!


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