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What About Lymphoma and Implants?

If you’ve been considering breast augmentation with Dr. Smith, you’ve likely been doing some research, and you’ve probably come across news about a recall of textured breast implants. Here’s what’s going on.  This issue first came to light in the public on March 21, 2017. That was when the U.S. FDA made a safety announcement […]

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Revising an Augmentation

Breast augmentation isn’t a perfect science, and there are times when a patient desires implant revision surgery. Whether she decided she would simply like larger implants or whether there has been some other issue, revision surgery is generally easier than the original surgery. This is because in most cases the incisions can be made along […]

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Your Aging Doesn’t Stop at Your Jaw

Everyone is cognizant of the effects of aging on their face; those lines and areas of sagging skin are looking right back at us every morning in the mirror. But many people stop at the chin, overlooking the neck area. Unfortunately, the neck can be one of the first areas to show extensive aging, with […]

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Tighten Up Loose Facial Skin with FaceTite

While you could wonder if whoever named the procedure was a graduate of “Hooked on Phonics,” there’s no disputing that FaceTite™ is a great procedure. After all, we all want firmer, tighter skin on our face, just as in our younger days. But sun damage, declining collagen production, and the general slackening of our tissues […]

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Don’t Take Fat to Hilton Head

No matter what kind of shape you’re in, you have pockets of unwanted fat. Pretty much everyone, short of a hunger strike protester or a marathon runner, has pockets of fat that don’t respond to exercise or changes in diet. Tumescent liposuction shows those fat cells the door. February is the perfect time to have […]

Reducing Your Breasts

Breast augmentation is a growing procedure. Beyond the pun, it continues to the most popular cosmetic surgery in the U.S. When so many women are opting to augment their breasts, it could seem counterintuitive for someone to want to downsize her breasts. But for some women their breasts become a literal burden. They cause back […]

A Different Implant from the Usual

We have more and more patients at our Okatie practice who want to want a curvier figure through breast augmentation, but the idea of putting silicone gel in their breasts makes them uneasy. They’ve heard that silicone implants provide a more natural feel and that they have far fewer problems with rippling. But they’re concerned […]

Don’t Forget the Facelift

Why is the skin on our bodies that is the most exposed to the elements day in and day out among the thinnest on the entire body? Such is the case with much of the skin on our faces. We beat it up with sun and environmental damage. It loses more and more collagen, the […]

Are Your Eyes Older than You?

That headline seems odd. How can our eyes be any older than anything else on our face or body? Well, let’s just say they may be the same age, but they may be showing their age more than anything else. And that’s not a good thing. The skin of our eyelids and the surrounding areas […]

Three Signs of Facial Aging That You May Want to Address

No one beats the march of time. Not Ponce de Leon. Not that Nazi sympathizer guy in Indiana Jones. Well, maybe the Doc in Back to the Future, but he cheated with a time machine. While unstoppable, the signs on your face that come with aging can be reversed or at least slowed with various […]

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