Three Signs of Facial Aging That You May Want to Address

No one beats the march of time. Not Ponce de Leon. Not that Nazi sympathizer guy in Indiana Jones. Well, maybe the Doc in Back to the Future, but he cheated with a time machine. While unstoppable, the signs on your face that come with aging can be reversed or at least slowed with various […]

Toning Your Muscles is Hard. Evolve Tone is Easy.

Last month, we told you about Dr. Smith’s new treatments from Inmode that use radiofrequency energy for body contouring and skin tightening. We discussed Evolve Tite, which delivers RF energy into the dermis to create a wound-healing response where new collagen and elastin are produced to tighten, firm, and thicken the skin. And we discussed […]

Implants Placed through the Armpit

Many of Dr. Smith’s patients considering having breast augmentation assume implants are typically placed through an incision made around the areola or along the breast crease on the underside of the breast. Both of these incision locations leave some degree of scarring on the breast, particularly the inframammary incision on the breast bottom. Many plastic […]

Does Your Contour Need to Evolve?

One of the truly annoying things about aging is the sagging and slackening of our tissues that happens across our entire body. The skin may indeed be our largest organ, but its aging characteristics leave something to be desired. But Dr. Smith has added a brand-new way to firm up that sagging skin without a […]

When Nose Surgery Needs Revising

Rhinoplasty is a complicated, delicate surgical procedure. That may explain why many patients come see Dr. Smith seeking to fix/address the nose surgery they have had done elsewhere. Revision rhinoplasty. Revision rhinoplasty can be even more involved than the original nose surgery. That’s why it is so important to do your research and trust the […]

A woman with beautiful lips, and example of what lip augmentation can do..

Pump Up the Volume of Your Lips

Shape is in these days. The age of the emaciated supermodel is, thankfully, over, complete with its unhealthy demonizing of food for many women. Now, we all celebrate the natural curves that make women, well, awesome. The trend hasn’t missed the lips, either. Plumper, shapelier lips are all the rage as well. And why not? […]

We Know You’re Not Mad — You Just Need a Brow Lift

People use facial cues to interpret communication. This is especially true of the area around your eyes because the eyes are the focal point of the face. The position of your brows can give the impression that you’re very tired or even angry when you’re actually anything but. Sagging brows are a result of years […]

Augmentation Is A Popular Procedure

At our Okatie practice, breast augmentation is one of our most popular procedures. This is true in the nation, as well. In 2018, over 317,000 American women opted to augment their breasts. That was up four percent from 2017. It’s a very personal decision, but it is a life-changing choice for a woman. For most […]

Morpheous 8

Microneedling with RF Energy — Morpheus8

For the past couple of blogs we’ve talked about our EmbraceRF system that Dr. Smith offers for his patients. EmbraceRF is actually three devices in one, all meant to tighten skin laxity and remodel fat. For the New Year, let’s focus on Morpheus8, the third EmbraceRF treatment along with AccuTite and FaceTite. Unlike those two […]

Embrace RF

Embrace A Tighter Face and Neck This Winter

It’s not that we have overly difficult winters down here on the South Carolina coast, but we’re still not heading over to Coligny Beach Park on a typical Saturday in January. That makes winter a great time to come see Dr. Smith to put our EmbraceRF technology to work tightening the skin on your face […]

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