What is Involved in a Breast Reconstruction?

The aim of a breast reconstruction may be to give your breasts symmetrical appearances, to ensure that your body is properly proportioned, or to restore breasts in women who may not have developed breasts or who may have undergone mastectomy (a breast removal surgery) as part of breast cancer treatment. The procedure aims, in addition, to create breasts that are very similar to your natural breasts, as far as positioning, shape, and size are concerned. Not everyone is a great candidate for this procedure. Women who have undergone mastectomy can undergo this surgery provided that their cancer has been completely removed. Women who smoke and those who suffer from obesity are not good candidates.

The Breast Reconstruction Procedure, Recovery and Risks

  • The procedure: A breast reconstruction may require multiple surgeries. The first surgery is always require hospitalization. Any subsequent surgeries may be performed on either an outpatient or inpatient basis. The first surgery will require general anesthesia whereas the later one may be performed with the use of only local anesthesia. There are different ways for a surgeon to approach breast reconstruction. In one of them, an expander will be placed below your skin and chest in the location where your breast needs to be reconstructed and, over time, this expander will be filled with a salt solution. Then, the expander may either be replaced by a permanent implant or it may be left as it is. Afterwards, by means of another surgery, your nipple and areola will be reconstructed. Another method can be employed which uses tissue from different parts of your body for the reconstruction. This is called tissue flap surgery.
  • Recovery: You will be required to stay in the hospital for up to five days. For the first couple of weeks, fatigue and soreness will be present and it may take as many as six weeks before you recover completely.
  • Risks: Capsular contracture and infection around the implants (if applicable), are possible side effects, in addition to the usual effects present after any surgical procedure.

Do You Need More Information Regarding Breast Reconstruction Procedure? Contact Dr. Smith

If you are interested in learning more about the breast reconstruction procedure, contact Dr. Smith. Our office can be found in Okatie, South Carolina. You may also call us at 843.705.8940.


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