The Many Benefits of a Breast Reduction

This year’s plastic surgery figures show that breast reductions are on the rise, and the procedure is increasing in popularity among women of all ages. Former reality TV star Heidi Montage, 27, is in the news again, exclaiming how happy she is with the results of her breast reduction, which took her from an F cup down to a size C.

There are several good reasons for the considerable increase in the procedure’s popularity. Breast reduction surgery, or reduction mammaplasty, offers physical as well as emotional benefits, as several studies have shown over the years.

The latest study, conducted by researchers at the Wexner Medical Center, shows that women who underwent a breast reduction procedure reported substantial improvements in several aspects of their lives. This study found that women experienced more satisfaction with the appearance of the breasts, as well as positive changes to their psychological, sexual and physical well-being.

Many women choose to get a breast reduction in order to decrease the back, neck and shoulder pain they experience as a result of their heavier chests. Besides alleviating this discomfort, the breast reduction procedure also improved how happy the women were with their breasts’ appearance.

On a 100-point scale, women who had the procedure reported that, on average, their satisfaction with breast appearance increased from about 20 before the surgery to more than 80 afterward. They also reported that their scores for their overall physical well-being jumped from 43 to 81.

Another area where women experienced a significant positive change is in their mental well-being and their interactions with others. The procedure made women feel more confident about themselves as well as their looks, which improved their social lives. The study also found that women reported an increase in their sexual well-being, with their satisfaction rating going from 40 to 78 following their breast reduction procedure.

If you are contemplating getting a breast reduction, schedule a consultation with Dr. Brendan E. Smith to find out how the procedure can improve your life.

Breast Reduction Surgery in Okatie

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