Toning Your Muscles is Hard. Evolve Tone is Easy.

Last month, we told you about Dr. Smith’s new treatments from Inmode that use radiofrequency energy for body contouring and skin tightening. We discussed Evolve Tite, which delivers RF energy into the dermis to create a wound-healing response where new collagen and elastin are produced to tighten, firm, and thicken the skin. And we discussed Evolve Trim. Trim doesn’t seek to tighten the skin; instead it targets the fat layer, using the RF energy to kill fat cells and slim the contour.

This month let’s hit the third of the Evolve treatments, Evolve Tone.

What is Evolve Tone?

We all know how hard it is to work our various muscle groups to tone and shape the body. Beyond the difficulty finding the time (especially since during this crazy spring and early summer when we’ve been barred from using most gym facilities), often it’s simply not possible to do enough reps to actually sculpt the impacted muscles.

That’s what Evolve Tone does for you. Evolve Tone uses four hands-free applicators that are placed on the body with straps holding them in place. The applicators deliver the electrical muscle stimulation to induce involuntary muscle contractions in the treatment areas. These electrical stimulations create thousands of muscle contractions in a 30-minute session. Try doing that with your typical crunches at the gym!

Does Evolve Tone hurt?

At first, Evolve Tone feels a little different, but patients quickly get used to the rapid muscle contractions initiated by the radiofrequency energy. This isn’t painful; it’s simply more muscle contractions than you could create on your own during a workout. In the day or so after your Evolve Tone treatment, you can have some soreness just as you would after a hard workout.

How many Evolve Tone sessions would I need?

At the onset, Dr. Smith recommends a series of Evolve Tone treatments to develop and sculpt the targeted muscle groups. These are typically 3-6 sessions at a once-a-week pace. From there, maintenance sessions every 1 to 3 months can keep your muscles toned. There is some variation here based on your condition and your goals.

Is there any downtime?

Another great thing about the thousands of muscle contractions created by Evolve Tone is that there isn’t any downtime. As soon as you leave our Okatie offices you can get right back to your normal activities. You may have some minor redness and/or warmth across the treated muscles, but this should subside in just a few hours.

Interested in Evolve Tone and its muscle sculpting prowess? Call Dr. Smith at (843) 823-6913 to set up a consultation.


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