Different Incision Techniques Involved in a Facelift Procedure

The facelift procedure is often employed to reduce or completely eliminate the signs of aging. With time, the continued increased exposure to the sun, stress in your life, as well as gravity will, inevitably, result in the formation of aging signs on your face as well as your neck. These signs may include wrinkles, deep creases, sagging skin, folds in the skin as well as some amount of fat deposit. To deal with these signs, you may undergo facelift procedures. Facelift is also called rhytidectomy; the word, derived from the Ancient Greek language, literally mean excision of wrinkles.

Incision Techniques

Rhytidectomies may be used to treat a variety of cosmetic problems with your face, like the ones already mentioned. The end result of a facelift procedure can be as dramatic as making your face look almost a decade younger, if not more. However, it is important to remember that a rhytidectomy does not prevent further aging and, over time, your face will again develop aging signs. Facelifts are not meant for dealing with cosmetic issues related to your nose, eyelids and brows either. Sometimes, you may need to undergo procedures in addition to a facelift, like a blepharoplasty, in order to get the best possible results.

Depending on the your individual case, your surgeon may choose to opt for one or more of the following incision techniques for your facelift procedure:

  • Neck lift: This technique will be used if your neck has loose skin and folds, or if there are fat deposits under your chin. Incisions will be made around your ear lobe and up to your scalp.
  • Traditional facelift: This is the complete procedure. It deals with not just your face but also your neck. In addition to the incisions required for a neck lift, incisions will also be made from your temple to your ears. An incision under your chin may sometimes be needed.
  • Limited-incision facelift: This technique is used when only small areas of your face need to be dealt with. Incisions will be made depending on the area that needs to be worked on.

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