Facelift Surgery – What to Expect

A facelift can be an extremely effective way to take years off your appearance, leaving you feeling brighter, fresher and with increased self-confidence. As the most all-inclusive way to reduce or remove facial sagging and wrinkles, a facelift literally lifts skin off the face and repositions it to sit smoothly on the face. Thousands of people take advantage of facelift surgery each year, with pleasing results. If you’re looking to smooth out your facial wrinkles via facelift surgery, here’s an overview of the procedure to help you understand what to expect.

During Surgery
You will receive either general anesthesia or an IV sedative prior to surgery. First, your surgeon will make an incision starting at the temple and circling around the front of the ear. Then, your skin is undermined, which is the procedure of separating the overlying skin on the face from the muscles and deep tissue, followed by tightening the muscles and tissue. Some fat and skin may also be removed at this time as necessary. Your skin is then lifted from the cheeks, neck and temples, and the connective tissues underneath are repositioned. Finally, your skin is redraped over your face, and incisions are sutured with stitches or metal clips. Stitches are done along the hairline to be inconspicuous after surgery. The procedure typically takes several hours, and you may go home the same day. Sometimes patients stay in the hospital overnight.

After Surgery
Expect some swelling and bruising after surgery. You will be bandaged after your facelift, which can be removed two days later. Your stitches will be removed in no more than 10 days. Your doctor may advise you to keep your head elevated to help with swelling and promote healing. If you smoke, you’ll want to avoid doing so for two to four weeks after your surgery, as smoking can delay the healing process. You will likely be able to return to your day-to-day activities approximately three weeks after a facelift.
Like any cosmetic procedure, facelift surgery does carry some risks. But facelifts are safe if done by a well-trained, competent physician who is skilled in both judgment and surgical technique.

Are you considering facelift surgery?
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