Top Patient Questions about Restylane Injections

Restylane is a safe and natural dermal cosmetic filler, primarily used to restore fullness to various areas of the face. Although Restylane is often used to erase the look of facial wrinkles, folds, or lines, this filler is becoming more popular for lip augmentations. Within minutes, Restylane can help patients achieve full, natural-looking lips, with no need for anesthesia. Let’s take a look at some of the most common questions patients have about this filler.

I have allergies. Can I still get Restylane injections?

Yes. Restylane is known for having a lower rate of reaction than many other lip augmentation treatments, such as collagen. This is due to the main substance contained in the filler, which is known as stabilized hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is contained naturally within the body, and helps add fullness and volume to the skin. Restylane is biocompatible with the hyaluronic acid contained in the body, which minimizes the chances of an allergic reaction and makes allergy testing prior to treatment unnecessary.

How many injections are necessary to achieve the look I want?

The amount of injections needed will depend on the patient’s specific desires. During the initial consultation, your doctor will ask how you would like your lips to look, so that they can establish a specific technique to achieve your ideal results. The Restylane injection itself is minimally-invasive, and will only take a few moments to complete.

Will these injections take a long time to recover from?

No. While some patients may experience mild discomfort or swelling after undergoing Restylane injections, these symptoms will typically last only a few days before they subside completely. At first, the patient’s lips may appear to be too full, though swelling will also quickly subside. Most patients will be able to return to all normal activities within just one or two days of their injection.

How long will my results last?

For many patients, Restylane injections will be long-lasting. In most cases, just a single injection can last for up to 6 months or longer!  Patients can choose to undergo follow-up treatments to maintain their desired results over longer periods of time.

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