Your Aging Doesn’t Stop at Your Jaw

iStock 1148853310 Everyone is cognizant of the effects of aging on their face; those lines and areas of sagging skin are looking right back at us every morning in the mirror. But many people stop at the chin, overlooking the neck area. Unfortunately, the neck can be one of the first areas to show extensive aging, with banding on the neck and looseness under the chin. A neck lift with Dr. Smith can address these issues. 

A neck lift, clinically known as a lower rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that targets the changes wrought by aging on the skin and muscles of the neck. Unlike a facelift, whose results can be mimicked with dermal fillers and neuromodulators in lieu of surgery, surgery is the only way to address aging issues on the neck. 

Is a neck lift right for me? 

For many people, the neck is the first place to really show aging. Excess wrinkling, neck bands, jowls, even the dreaded “turkey wattle” all come into play. These are the visible signs of aging that a neck lift addresses: 

  •     Fat pockets and relaxed skin in the lower face
  •     Loose neck skin
  •     Fatty deposits under the chin
  •     Muscle banding on the neck
  •     Jowl lines
  •     Double chin

The realization of the need for a neck lift often comes in warmer weather here on the Carolina coast when we (particularly women) are exposing our necks and upper shoulders with summertime fashions. Suddenly it’s obvious that the neck has aged faster than the face. If that’s the case, you’re a good candidate for a neck lift with Dr. Smith. 

How does Dr. Smith perform a neck lift? 

Dr. Smith utilizes two methods for his neck lift procedures, depending on the degree of change you want to see in your neck and chin area. 

Traditional neck lift — A traditional neck lift incision originates in the sideburn area and continues down below the ear, terminating in the hair at the back of the scalp. The skin is pulled away and the fat is usually re-sculpted or redistributed, particularly from the jowls. Usually the platysma muscle (which runs from the upper parts of the pectoral and deltoid muscles all the way up onto the jaw) is tightened. The skin is then pulled up and re-draped, and the excess skin is trimmed away. If there is a good deal of fat under the chin, Dr. Smith may opt for a second incision there. He can tighten the muscles and use very targeted liposuction to remove fat pockets. 

Limited incision neck lift — As the name implies, rather than a single relatively lengthy incision on each side of the face, here small incisions are made only around the ears. As you would expect, more extensive tightening and skin removal cannot be accomplished with the limited neck lift. 

Want to do something about that loose skin and banding on your neck? Call Dr. Smith at (843) 705-8940 and set up a consultation for a neck lift.


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