Medical vs. Cosmetic Benefits of Blepharoplasty

Eyelid surgery (or blepharoplasty) is done for many reasons: bags under the eyes, saggy eyelids, impaired field of vision, and a sad or tired look. While it’s most common to have blepharoplasty for cosmetic benefits, it can also be considered necessary from a medical standpoint if, for example, the skin around your eyes is protruding enough to impair your vision. Upper eyelid surgery helps with this condition, while lower eyelid surgery is done for cosmetic reasons.

Cosmetic Benefits
Aesthetically speaking, eyelid surgery can help diminish some fine-surface lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Your eyes will also look brighter and clearer, giving you a fresher look rather than a tired or sad appearance. The psychological impact of eyelid surgery can also be refreshing and invigorating. After all, when you look better, you also feel better, so you will likely experience a boost to your self-confidence as a result of your new appearance.

Medical Benefits
Perhaps the greatest medical benefit of blepharoplasty is better vision. If you have dropping or puffy eyelids it can impair your vision (especially your peripheral vision), which can be solved with upper eyelid surgery. Another medical benefit is that it may help you avoid more serious medical problems down the road by curbing additional damage to the eye itself – damage that could occur if the eye is left untreated.
It’s important to have realistic expectations about how much of an improvement can be achieved through blepharoplasty. When the procedure is done in isolation, it can accomplish a subtle look, especially when it comes to diminishing lines and wrinkles around the eyes. It should be noted, however, that eyelid surgery is often done in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures like a face lift to accomplish more distinct and long-term results. And as with any major surgery, there are potential side-effects that should be considered. If you have maintained realistic expectations about what eyelid surgery can do for you, then you will be very pleased with the outcome.

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