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Liposuction for Fat Removal

There exists a minimally invasive surgical procedure to rid your body of excess and stubborn fat. This method is known as liposuction. Obstinate fat deposits from various parts of your body are literally sucked out in this procedure. After liposuction, you will end up with a slimmer body. Advancements in technology makes it possible for […]

4 Things To Know About Liposuction

Liposuction is a highly popular plastic surgery procedure, performed by surgeons for thousand of patients across the world. There are many different liposuction techniques that remove stubborn, unwanted pockets of fat as well as slim and contour different areas of the body. Though the traditional liposuction procedure has been around for decades, medical advances have […]

Tummy Tuck vs. Liposuction – Which is Right for You?

For patients looking to achieve a smooth, flat stomach, there are a number of different procedures available that can help. Liposuction and tummy tucks (abdominoplasty) are two of the most popular procedures, both of which can help you achieve a more ideal body. Take a look the differences between these two procedures and help decide […]

What Are My Options For Body Contouring?

Weight gain, pregnancy and aging can all have a drastic affect on the appearance of the abdomen. For patients looking to improve and sculpt the appearance of their mid-sections, body contouring procedures offer a solution. Here is a look at some of the most popular treatments. Liposuction: Not only is liposuction non-invasive, it also remains […]

Top Myths About Liposuction

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that works to remove areas of localized fat from the body, helping patients achieve a slimmer and more balanced appearance. Despite the popularity of liposuction among patients, there are still many misconceptions about this procedure. Let’s take a look at some of the top liposuction myths, dispelled. Top Myths about […]

Liposuction Recovery: 5 Tips to Help You Heal

Liposuction is the leading method to remove stubborn areas of fat and create a smooth contour throughout different areas of the body. In the past, liposuction was often a painful procedure that required a large amount of downtime. Thanks to advances in technology, new techniques in liposuction provide enhanced precision, making the experience less invasive. […]

How to Get the Most Out of your Liposuction Consultation

If you’ve decided to get lipoplasty, or what is commonly referred to as liposuction, your first step will likely be to book an appointment for a consultation. Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure that removes fat deposits from the body that wouldn’t otherwise be eliminated through diet and exercise. Liposuction helps to reshape parts of […]

Learn More about Top Plastic Surgery Procedures

Plastic surgery is an extremely personal choice, and one that should be entered into with a  sufficient amount of knowledge and thought. No one should have a procedure just because it’s “trendy,” or because someone else has told them they should!  It is important to work closely with your plastic surgeon to determine whether or […]

Liposuction for Men

For men who are in reasonably good shape, but who have one or several stubborn areas of fat that have not responded to traditional weight loss methods, liposuction is a great option. The procedure has become increasingly popular among both women and men, since it can safely and effectively improve the appearance of excess fat. […]

Learn About the Neck Lift Procedure

Many women and men feel self-conscious about their necks – sagging skin and folds can be the result of drastic weight loss or sun damage. Natural aging and genetics also play a substantial role in the appearance of one’s neck, including the development of a double chin, drooping neck rolls, pronounced horizontal bands and deep […]

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