Spring Forward with a Mommy Makeover

As the snow begins to thaw and give way to warmer weather, it’s time to start planning for your beach body. However, for many women, no amount of exercise and diet can reverse the changes that childbirth and breastfeeding bring. Whether you are a new mommy or the mother of grown children, you may know all too well that the joys of motherhood are often accompanied by slack, loose skin.

The areas most affected by childbirth, breastfeeding and pregnancy-related weight gain are the abdomen and breasts. There are several cosmetic surgeries aimed at helping moms get their pre-baby bodies back. These “mommy makeover” procedures are customized to each patient, depending on what areas they would like to be improved and rejuvenated. Below are two of the most popular procedures for moms:

Breast Lift. The bust area is subjected to many changes when having a baby – first, the breasts grow several cup sizes during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Following breastfeeding and post-baby weight loss, the breasts may “deflate”. This often leaves the breasts smaller, less firm and with more slack, sagging skin than before the pregnancy. A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, trims excess skin and tightens supporting tissue, creating an uplifted, youthful breast contour. This will make breasts rest higher up on the chest and feel firmer to the touch.

Tummy Tuck. The tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty procedure, is an effective way to attain the tone and flatness of your pre-pregnancy belly again. This surgery sculpts and reshapes the abdomen area by removing excess fat and skin, as well as tightens the muscles. Pregnancy and childbirth stretches out the abdomen walls and skin, which becomes less elastic and taut after having one or more children. Many women find it impossible to lose the loose, slack skin around their tummy area through diet and exercise alone. A tummy tuck creates a flatter, more toned abdominal area that fits the natural contours of your body, making it look more slim and youthful.

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Mommy Makeovers in Okatie

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