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What to Expect While Recovering from Breast Lift Surgery

Many women decide to have a breast lift when gravity, aging or pregnancy haven’t been kind to their breasts. Women with breasts that sag, have lost volume or diminish overall confidence are excellent candidates for breast lift (mastopexy) surgery. Here are a few things patients should know about the recovery process to ensure the best […]

Do Breast Lifts Decrease the Breast Size?

  Breast lifts have a little mystery surrounding them. The goal of a breast lift is to raise the breasts back to a position higher on the chest, the position formerly held before sagging took over. But because a breast lift usually involves removing some of that sagging skin, there is a perception that the […]

Do Breast Lifts Downsize the Breasts, too?

If you follow this industry, you’ve heard the rumors — a breast lift decreases breast size. Because a breast lift usually removes some excess stretched skin, it’s easy to assume that the procedure could make the breasts actually a little smaller, in addition to moving their position higher on the chest. Since breast lifts are […]

Will a Breast Lift Also Downsize Your Breasts?

A breast lift is intended to “lift” the breasts, returning them to a higher position on the chest, a position they occupied before pregnancy, breastfeeding, and simple aging got in the way. There is a perception that a breast lift can also make the breasts actually smaller, not just higher. The thinking is that a […]

Don’t Lift That Barge, Lift Those Breasts

Gravity is a cruel master of all, constantly pulling downward. While it keeps us from flying off into space, its constant tug isn’t kind to a woman’s breasts. Throw in decreasing skin elasticity, weight gain and loss, pregnancy, and breastfeeding and the result is drooping, sagging breasts that have lost their firmness. Looking in the […]

What You Should Know About Mastopexy

A woman’s breast(s) can sag due to many reasons including, but not limited to, aging, weight loss, and pregnancy. For women looking restore firmness and shape to their breasts, the mastopexy (breast lift) procedure offers a surgical treatment option. What You Should Know About Mastopexy The procedure: The surgery is conducted under a general anesthesia […]

The 4 Biggest Breast Augmentation Myths

Breast Augmentation remains the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the United States, with close to 300,000 procedures performed in the last year alone. And that number continues to rise. Given the popularity of the surgery, it’s no surprise that there are several myths and incorrect assumptions in circulation. In this blog, we will clear […]

Spring Forward with a Mommy Makeover

As the snow begins to thaw and give way to warmer weather, it’s time to start planning for your beach body. However, for many women, no amount of exercise and diet can reverse the changes that childbirth and breastfeeding bring. Whether you are a new mommy or the mother of grown children, you may know […]

Breast Lift: Reasons for Reshaping the Breast Area

A breast lift, which consists of raising and reshaping the breasts, is different from breast augmentation or breast reduction procedures. While women usually undergo these two surgeries to change their breast size, a breast lift changes the appearance of the breasts in a different way. Also known as mastopexy, a breast lift does not change […]

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