You Mad, Bro? Or Just Tired? Or Maybe Need a Brow Lift?

Getting old isn’t for the faint of heart. Your body aches more, your speed and agility isn’t what it once was. And everything seems to start sagging.

Your brow is not immune. Gravity, aging, and sun damage can make the skin on your brows sag and droop. When this happens you can develop a look on your face that could be categorized as perpetually tired or perpetually mad.

But you can regain your younger look with a brow lift.

Brow lifts are sometimes called forehead lifts. The surgical procedure aims to eliminate wrinkles and creases in the forehead area and the area around the brows. People with sagging skin over their upper eyelids can really benefit from a brow lift.

How do they do a brow lift?

It used to be that brow lifts were very invasive. The surgical incision would usually wrap all the way around your upper face in your hairline. Now, thanks to advancements in surgical technology, mMost brow lifts now use the endoscopic approach. Multiple small incisions are made behind the patient’s hairline. Then an endoscope (a tube with a tiny camera attached to its tip) is inserted into the holes. Through the camera, Dr. Smith can see the area he is working on, helping him better manipulate the tissue. Excess tissue is removed and, where needed, muscle is repositioned.

Some brow lifts still use the ear-to-ear incision technique, but Dr. Smith prefers the endoscopic method because it is less invasive and creates less scarring.

If you’re tired of questions about being tired, maybe it’s time for a brow lift. Make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Smith by calling 843-705-8940.


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