Making Sure You’re Healthy Enough for Plastic Surgery

A main difference between plastic surgery and surgery you have to treat a health condition or injury is that you choose to have plastic surgery. In other words, you want to have the procedure and aren’t going into the operating room because your health depends on it. You’re likely a healthy person who has decided to change or improve your appearance.

From facelift to breast augmentation, however, these procedure are still surgeries and—like other surgeries—can require incisions, anesthesia, and pain medicine. This means that when you get plastic surgery, you’re at risk for some of the same complications as with other surgeries. For example, incisions need to be protected from infection, and pain medicines can make you feel sick.

The good news is that you can help avoid complications by making sure you’re healthy before the procedure. Here are some tips:

  • Talk with your family doctor. It’s important to make sure you’re physically healthy enough for plastic surgery. Your family doctor, or provider who best knows your health history, will know if you have any conditions that will raise your risk of a complication. Depending on how long it’s been since your last physical exam, he or she might recommend that you have one before plastic surgery.
  • Tell your doctors about any recent changes in your health and any recent conditions or illnesses. A sickness, allergic reaction, or injury can affect your risk of a complication during surgery. Even if you think a cold you had two weeks ago or a scrape on your knee isn’t important, tell your doctors about it.
  • Rest up and eat well. Plenty of sleep and a healthy diet is one of the best things you can do to stay healthy at any time and especially before surgery. Use the time leading up to your procedure to make sure you’re well rested and are eating well.

Also remember that your plastic surgeon and the hospital or clinic you visit for surgery will make your safety a top priority. Show up healthy and prepared and know that you’re in good hands!

If you’re planning to have plastic surgery, learn more about the procedure you’re getting here.


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