Who Needs Misimpressions?

Brow Lift Hilton Head Island SC Gravity isn’t kind to our bodies. Sure it keeps us from flying off into space, but at what cost? On our forehead area, gravity and weakening muscles and tissues that are a part of normal aging begin to make our brows sag downwards. This puts pressure on our brows, making them furrow to a degree. This can give another person looking at you the impression that you’re either mad, sad, or really tired all the time.

And you could just have dominated this week’s league play at Eagle’s Pointe!

Enough of the misinformation, maybe it’s time to get a brow lift with Dr. Smith and lose the sagging brows.

Since brow lifts target the upper third of the face, the procedure can be combined with other surgeries such as blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and facelifts (which target the middle and lower face) to rejuvenate the entire face.

Who is right for a brow lift?

Sagging brows can be simply a fact of age, or due to your genes. Most of Dr. Smith’s brow lift patients are between the ages of 40 and 60 and feature lined or inelastic skin on their foreheads.

If you want a kind of preview of a brow lift with Dr. Smith, try this. Place your lower palms just to the upper outside of your eyebrows. Now lightly move your palms upward and outward. That’s sort of the goal of a brow lift.

Two techniques to fit your situation

There are two ways to do a brow lift. Dr. Smith usually opts for the endoscopic method, but some patients need more adjustment, so they need the traditional method. Here are the differences between the two methods.

  • Traditional brow lift — This method uses a coronal incision that stretches from just above the ear across the top of the forehead and down to the other ear. The incision is made within hairline, but may be placed further back to minimize visibility in patients with thinning hair. Next, the forehead skin is lifted, tissue removed, muscles adjusted, and the eyebrows may be lifted. Dr. Smith trims any excess skin and then closes the incision with stitches or clips.
  • Endoscopic brow lift — In this method, Dr. Smith make from three to five short incisions, each less than one inch, behind the hairline. He then inserts an endoscope into one of the incisions. The endoscope enables him to see beneath the skin without making the long incision of the traditional method. Through the other incisions he then lifts the skin, removes tissue, and adjust muscles as needed.

With both methods, there will be numbness and discomfort at the incision sites. Numbness will give way to itching as the forehead heals. This usually passes within six months.

Let your brows show gravity who’s the boss with a brow lift. Call Dr. Smith at (843) 705-8940 to schedule a consultation.


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