Facelifts: Fact vs. Fiction

So you’ve decided to have a facelift. Deciding to have one brings you one step closer to achieving your aesthetic goals. However, there are a lot of rumors about facelifts, so you might be unsure about what information is correct. Let’s clear the air a bit and distinguish fact from fiction.

There will be a scar.
Fact. Nearly every surgery produces scars. The solution that surgeons have come up with is hiding the scars as much as possible, behind the ears for example. No need to worry about them!

There will be dozens of incisions criss-crossing my face!
Fiction. It’s a common misconception that facelifts require dozens of long incisions in order to achieve ‘the ideal face.’ Facelifts only require smaller incisions that will be hidden behind the ears and along the hairline, causing minimal scarring. Other surgical procedures might include incising around the mouth, nose, and eyes, but not typically a facelift.

It’s going to be painful!
Fact. Minimal pain is normal after surgery, but at least it’s going to be expected. After a facelift, you might feel a bit of discomfort around your face. While your body is still adjusting to the change, your doctor can prescribe medications that will allow you to deal with the pain. Don’t expect this pain to be permanent; if it lasts for an unusually long time, return to your doctor for additional assistance.

All facelifts are the same.
Fiction. No two people have the exact same face, with the same features. Facelifts are designed to fit your face specifically, taking into regard the aging process, the shape of your face, and other factors.‘Stretched-out’ faces can be the result of a miscalculation of the aging process. When choosing a surgeon to perform the procedure, keep in mind the level of experience of the surgeon – it really does matter.

Now that you have a bit more facts at your disposal, contact us to schedule an appointment.


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