Male vs. Female Rhinoplasty: Is There a Difference?

During initial consultations, one of of the main concerns of men wanting to improve the appearance of their nose is what if rhinoplasty will make their nose look feminine. While the techniques applied may be the same for both genders, a highly experienced rhinoplasty surgeon understands that cosmetic goals in a nose-reshaping procedure between males and females may vary.

Understanding Male Rhinoplasty
By and large, the goal of male rhinoplasty is to improve the appearance of the nose and correct internal deformities while maintaining naturally masculine contours and a stronger nasal profile. Specifically, we’ve noticed the following differences between male and female rhinoplasty:

• The dorsal portion or bridge of the male nose is often straighter and wider. It should be less concaved than the bridge in females – the female nose tend to have 1-2 mm more of curvature than its male counterparts.
• Nasal tip in men tend to be more bulbous and broader than women which is often more refined. Ideally, the nasal tip should be in neutral position and should not be turned up or significantly rotated.
• Nasal skin in men is thicker than women which is one of the primary reasons why the changes that can be done in male rhinoplasty is limited.
• The angle of nasal columella (line that separates the nostrils near the upper lip) should be roughly 90 degrees in males while the same angle should be 95 degrees in women.

Planning for Your Male Rhinoplasty Surgery

During your personal consultation, a thorough assessment and evaluation of your needs and preferences will be done. Generally, our goal in the procedure is to address each rhinoplasty surgery with a creative approach and an individualized surgical plan. Ethnic features of your nose can be refined but preserved in order to enhance your appearance without changing the essence of who you are.

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