Plump Up Those Puckers: Everything You Need to Know about Lip Augmentation

Lip shape can be so important in a person’s appearance. Surely Angelina’s plump full lips played an important part in stealing Brad from Jennifer. Though the craze to have a really plump, full lips predates Angelina, the only way to permanently improve one’s lips is an augmentation surgery.

Preferred Dermal Fillers
Generally, lip augmentation involves injecting a dermal filler into the lips. It is a fairly simple procedure, but it should never be treated lightly. Traditionally, doctors have used collagen to plump up those puckers. Collagen isn’t used as much today. It never lasted very long and safer methods have since been developed. Doctors generally prefer hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the body, lasts longer, and causes few side effects.

Why Should You Get a Lip Augmentation?
As with any cosmetic surgery, there are many reasons to undergo a lip augmentation. We’ve mentioned plumping up thin lips. Lip augmentation can also be used to improve the shape and structure of the lip. The natural lip tissues will always offer the most structure and support, but the hyaluronic acid is intended to work with these tissues in order to help you get the lip shape you want whether it’s a glamorously curvy pout or a ridiculously full duckface.

The Procedure
A lip augmentation is a simple outpatient procedure that can be performed in your doctor’s office. It begins with marking the area and injecting a topical (local) anesthesia into the area around the lips. The doctor will then use very fine needles to inject the lip filler into the lips. They will look more plump right away and should achieve the desired effect after some slight swelling goes down.

A Kiss Goodbye
In most cases there will only be mild side effects (such as redness, tenderness, swelling, bruising, or light bleeding at the injection sites). All of these side effects should go away after a few days. If you experience any other, more serious side effects, consult your doctor immediately. Otherwise, just enjoy the perfect lip look you’ve created with your doctor. Angelina’s got nothing on you!


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