Being Emotionally and Mentally Ready for Plastic Surgery

The initial promise of plastic surgery sounds pretty great. After all, the goal of these procedures is to enhance or correct an aspect of your appearance you’re not very happy with—a change, big or small, that will help you feel more comfortable and confident about how you look to others and yourself.

So is there anything to worry about on an emotional or mental level? Plastic surgery all sounds pretty good, right?

For the most part, the answer is yes. But with any significant change in your life—and even the smallest alteration in your appearance is nothing to ignore—you can expect some psychological impact. The mental and emotional impact of plastic surgery can be positive or negative (yes, some clients have challenges adjusting) and large or small.

Experts don’t understand exactly why some patents struggle psychologically after plastic surgery. It could be a letdown to find out that a physical change hasn’t transformed their lives for the better as maybe they thought it would. Or maybe they’re disappointed with their results, having wanted a more dramatic change. And there’s the impact of change itself. Even if you look only a little different, you still look different, and this can take some getting used to.

Preparing Yourself Psychologically
The chance that you might go through a bit of a psychological transition after plastic surgery certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have these procedures. What it does mean is that you might want to make sure you’re mentally and emotionally prepared for this important step in your life. To do so, talk to your plastic surgeon about realistic expectations from you procedures any concerns you might have about your reaction to the procedure.

Remember that you can change some things about your appearance, but that any other fears and concerns in your life won’t be directly impacted. Be open, however, to some positive changes—you may find that improved self-confidence as a result of plastic surgery can impact many parts of your life. Just be patient, accepting, and proud of yourself for doing something positive!

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