4 Surprising Facts About the Brow Lift Procedure

The brow lift sounds like a surgery that tightens and raises the eyebrows, but the procedure serves several other purposes. Read on to find out four facts that you may be surprised to learn about brow lifts.

  1. It’s Not Just Cosmetic. A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, is an elective surgery that is most often undergone to aesthetically improve the area above the eyes. However, plastic surgery statistics show that the number of brow lifts performed for medical reasons in on the rise. Drooping, puffy eyebrows can hinder eyesight, and the brow lift procedure can drastically improve peripheral vision by raising the eyebrows.
  2. It Doesn’t Just Affect the Brows. A forehead lift doesn’t just adjust the position of the eyebrows – it can also address frown lines, also known as brow furrows or the “11s”. These vertical wrinkles can be drastically improved by a forehead lift, and are a common reason for why patients undergo the procedure. The wrinkles and lines resulting from sagging skin around the eye area, including crow’s feet, can be diminished by a forehead lift.
  3. The “Surprised” Look Is Temporary. One perceived side effect of brow lift surgery that many people fear is that it will leave them with an overly tight, permanently startled look. However, this aspect of the procedure, which only some patients experience, is often caused by swelling as an immediate result of the surgery. Therefore, as the swelling goes down with time, the stiff, “surprised” look also subsides.
  4. It Doesn’t Have to Lift the Eyebrows. The brow lift is performed to reduce signs of aging in the eyebrows and/or forehead area, but it can achieve the patient’s desired results without actually lifting the eyebrows. During your consultation with Dr. Smith, he will address your concerns about the procedure, go over the details of what results you would like, and determine the best procedure (or combination of procedures) necessary to achieve the look you want. For some, that may consist of a brow lift that addresses bagginess and folds around the eye area while allowing the eyebrows to remain in their current position – or even lowering them. 

    Brow Lift Procedure in Okatie

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