Create Your Perfect Pout with Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation, whether it involves lip implants or injections, also known as fillers, can be used to create vastly different results, tailored to the unique look that each patient wants.

Read on to find out about the various ways that lip augmentation can be used to sculpt lips.

  • Enhance and Amplify. Lip fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm and Perlane are most commonly used to discreetly add volume to the lips in a way that looks natural. When performed by a skilled, experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who has extensive experience in lip augmentation, the results of fillers enhance lips without looking too “overdone” or “fake”.
  • Long-Lasting Results. Although lip injections provide results that can last for up to six months, some patients are seeking more long-term results. In these instances, a lip implant, which is a surgical procedure, offers the perfect solution. Lip implants create the look of beautiful full lips, and these results are permanent.
  • The Perfect Shape. Those unhappy with the shape of their lips can get the look they’ve always wanted through lip augmentation. Lips can become thin, wrinkled and lose volume over time as a result of aging, smoking and sun damage. For others, thin lips are simply their natural lip shape. No matter the cause, small lips can be easily, quickly and safely amplified through lip augmentation.
  • Correct and Balance. Lip fillers or implants are also used to change the structure of lips in order to create a more balanced appearance. Whether it is the top or bottom lip, or one side of the lips that is uneven, lip augmentation can make them more symmetrical. An uneven lip or lip line can be caused by injury or abnormal facial development, and a consultation will determine the best lip augmentation procedure to correct the issue.

Dr. Smith carefully listens to and addresses the aesthetic needs of each patient, tailoring their cosmetic treatments in order to achieve their desired results. During your consultation, make sure that you express exactly why you want to augment your lips and exactly what you would like to improve about their appearance, whether it’s volume, shape or symmetry.

Lip Augmentation in Okatie

If you are interested in learning more about Restylane injections or other lip augmentation options, please contact Smith Plastic Surgery at 843.705.8940 to schedule an appointment. For a map to our office, please visit here.


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