Breast Augmentation FAQ

Augmentation mammaplasty, known more commonly as breast augmentation, is one of the most popular life-changing plastic surgeries for women in the United States. Breast augmentation can increase volume and fullness of breasts, and increase the overall proportional balance of the body. To follow are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning breast augmentation surgery.

  1. Are breast implants safe? Silicone and saline implants are considered safe. Although silicone implants have a negative reputation, new technology has improved their safety and both types of implants are FDA approved.
  2. Can breast augmentation be combined with any other procedures? Yes, breast augmentation surgery is often combined with a breast-lift procedure when necessary. Other cosmetic nonsurgical or surgical procedures may be combined as long as they will not deter the healing process.
  3. What are the risks? Complications are uncommon and minimal. It is possible to experience a change in nipple sensation, sometimes more extreme immediately after surgery. In the case of serious trauma, it is possible an implant could rupture. If a saline implant ruptures, the body will absorb the salt water from inside the implant in a few hours. However, if a silicone implant breaks and leaks, it is important to seek medical attention immediately.
  4. Will I have a scar? Your plastic surgeon will use incisions to produce minimal scarring, or hide the scars in the natural crevice underneath the breast.  However in some cases, light scarring may be visible.
  5. What can I expect after the surgery? Results from breast augmentation can be seen immediately following your operation. Most patients feel tired and sore for the first few days after surgery. Stitches are removed 10 days after surgery, and  most patients return to work 1 week after surgery. Scars begin to fade in the first few weeks as swelling subsides and will continue to fade over time.

Breast Augmentation Surgery in Okatie

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