5 Reasons to Consider A Breast Reduction

For some women, oversized breasts can be debilitating. Women with large breasts often live for years with physical discomfort and emotional anxiety due to being self-conscious in social settings. A breast reduction is a common procedure that can help alleviate these symptoms, helping women achieve a  more proportional body contour.

The following is a list of the five most common reasons women cite for choosing to undergo breast reduction surgery. A breast reduction is an extremely personal choice, so it is important that each woman discusses all concerns and considerations with a certified and experienced plastic surgeon prior to surgery.

  1. Shoulder and Back Pain. The top complaint among women with large breasts is the chronic neck and back pain associated with carrying around the extra weight. This pain can be severe, even interfering with daily activities. In addition, bra straps can dig into the skin, causing shoulder pain and chafing.
  2. Difficulty Sleeping. The extra weight placed on a woman’s chest while laying down can cause discomfort and breathing problems, making sleep difficult or even impossible. While changing sleeping positions or using strategically placed pillows can alleviate some of the pressure, a breast reduction offers a permanent, comfortable sleep solution.
  3. Trouble with Exercise. Even with a proper-fitting sports bra, exercise or other physical activity can be uncomfortable or painful with very large, heavy breasts. Often times this makes weight loss nearly impossible, adding further frustration for women trying to naturally reduce their breast size or simply trying to practice healthy habits.
  4. Emotional Discomfort. Appearance plays a big part in a person’s self-esteem, and women with large breasts can feel self-conscious or anxious in social situations as a result. Moreover, the appearance of a larger chest can sometimes attract unwanted attention, and make shopping for clothing a dreaded experience.
  5. Irritation. Skin irritation is a prevalent, but little-discussed side effect of enlarged breasts. Rashes or infections can develop under breast tissue, caused by friction from skin or bra material,  or bacteria. While topical creams, ointments or antibiotics may be prescribed to help clear the skin, a breast reduction can help alleviate any chronic skin irritation.

Breast Reduction in Okatie

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