Liposuction Recovery: 5 Tips to Help You Heal

Liposuction is the leading method to remove stubborn areas of fat and create a smooth contour throughout different areas of the body. In the past, liposuction was often a painful procedure that required a large amount of downtime. Thanks to advances in technology, new techniques in liposuction provide enhanced precision, making the experience less invasive. As a result, liposuction recovery is shorter and easier than ever.

Here are some tips to follow before and after your liposuction procedure that will help make the process as easy as possible.

  1. Clean the house and take care of errands. To eliminate any stress and to allow you to focus on healing, spend the days before the procedure filling out your prescriptions, pre-cooking or arranging for meals, and making sure the house is clean. This will allow you to focus completely on your recovery.
  2. Double up on compression garments: Depending on the location of the liposuction area, your doctor may recommend wearing a compression garment following the procedure to help reduce swelling and bruising. It is a good idea to stock up and order two garments–that way you can wear one while the other is in the wash.
  3. Get moving–but take it easy. For most liposuction patients, doctors encourage moderate physical activity, such as getting up and walking around for a few minutes, within the first 24 hours following the procedure. This helps with circulation and to reduce the chance of developing a blood clot.
  4. Listen to your doctor. While it may be tempting to skip ahead in your recovery regimen or remove a compression garment once swelling has subsided, it is crucial that you follow your doctor’s instructions carefully. Your plastic surgeon devises a care plan based on your individual needs, so if there are specific instructions, your doctor included them for a reason. Proper recovery care will not only keep you feeling your best, but will also ensure the best liposuction results, as well as reduce the risk of any complications developing.
  5. Be patient. Don’t expect to see results overnight. As with any surgical procedure, the body needs time to heal before results can be achieved. It is normal to experience some bruising, swelling and minor discomfort following liposuction. While many patients feel well enough to return to work within a few days, strenuous activity such as exercise should be avoided for a few weeks to allow healing time. It is important to remember that full results may not be seen until swelling and bruising fade completely, which can happen gradually over the course of a few months. However, once results are fully achieved, they are long-lasting as long as they are maintained with diet and exercise.

Liposuction in Okatie

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