Making Sure You’re Healthy Enough for Plastic Surgery

A main difference between plastic surgery and surgery you have to treat a health condition or injury is that you choose to have plastic surgery. In other words, you want to have the procedure and aren’t going into the operating room because your health depends on it. You’re likely a healthy person who has decided […]

You Mad, Bro? Or Just Tired? Or Maybe Need a Brow Lift?

Getting old isn’t for the faint of heart. Your body aches more, your speed and agility isn’t what it once was. And everything seems to start sagging. Your brow is not immune. Gravity, aging, and sun damage can make the skin on your brows sag and droop. When this happens you can develop a look […]

Time Asks If, or When, You’ll Get Some Work Done

The chances are that if you are over 40 years old, when you were a kid you may have heard your Mom talking on the phone about some other woman. “I think she definitely had some work done” she probably said. Back then, that was scandalous, something to be kept secret. And psychologists of the […]

Tummy Tuck vs. Liposuction for Abdominal Contouring

The abdomen is the bane of women and men alike, in shape or out of shape. Why? Pockets of fat on the abdomen can be very resistant to efforts of the owner of said fat to remove it. For some people, no amount of exercise or dietary restraint can get at these stubborn pockets of […]

Decisions to Make Once You’ve Decided Upon Augmentation

Breast augmentation can certainly be life changing, particularly if the woman has felt her breasts were disproportionate to the rest of her body. The procedure can give a person new confidence in her figure and boost overall self-esteem. But once you make the big decision to go ahead with augmentation with Dr. Smith, there are […]

Male vs. Female Rhinoplasty: Is There a Difference?

During initial consultations, one of of the main concerns of men wanting to improve the appearance of their nose is what if rhinoplasty will make their nose look feminine. While the techniques applied may be the same for both genders, a highly experienced rhinoplasty surgeon understands that cosmetic goals in a nose-reshaping procedure between males […]

Plump Up Those Puckers: Everything You Need to Know about Lip Augmentation

Lip shape can be so important in a person’s appearance. Surely Angelina’s plump full lips played an important part in stealing Brad from Jennifer. Though the craze to have a really plump, full lips predates Angelina, the only way to permanently improve one’s lips is an augmentation surgery. Preferred Dermal Fillers Generally, lip augmentation involves […]

Taking Care of Your New Breasts

Many women have achieved their dream cup size through breast augmentation, which provides comfort and convenience, as well as enhances breast appearance and boosts self-confidence. Our team of experts will guide you throughout the procedure, but there are some things that you have to do yourself especially after the surgery. Recover from Your Breast Surgery […]

Facelifts: Fact vs. Fiction

So you’ve decided to have a facelift. Deciding to have one brings you one step closer to achieving your aesthetic goals. However, there are a lot of rumors about facelifts, so you might be unsure about what information is correct. Let’s clear the air a bit and distinguish fact from fiction. There will be a […]

Different Types of Rhinoplasty

Having rhinoplasty surgery is a huge decision. Your nose is the most prominent feature on most people’s faces. And you should be proud of it! If you are unsatisfied with a crooked nose, a tipped nose, or an extremely large nose, it can greatly affect your self-esteem. This is where the surgeon comes in. What […]

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